Performance Data

College Data

In its twentieth year history, Leadership High School has maintained an average college going rate of 94%. Recently we have engaged 50 alumni in a longitudinal study to track their persistence and success in college.


Graduation Outcomes

Leadership has more rigorous graduation requirements than the vast majority of California public schools. To graduate, students must pass (with C- or better) the a-g course requirements for University of California and California State Universities (UC/CSU) and pass both a Senior Portfolio Defense and Senior Project and Exhibition that assess mastery of the school’s outcomes of Social and Personal Responsibility, Critical Thinking, and Communication. The graphs below compare the graduation outcomes of Leadership High School to those of San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) and all California public schools (CA) and demonstrate that Leadership is producing a disproportionate percentage of Latino and African-American college-ready graduates in the district:

Academic Performance Index and High School Exit Exam

California uses the Academic Performance Index (API) to compare the performance of students at different schools on State standardized testing.

The scatter graph plots the API scores of the district high schools in San Francisco against the percentage of the school’s enrollment of African-American and Latino students. Leadership’s students significantly outperform the API predicted by the scatter line.

Aggregate API Chart