What Is A Charter School


What is a Charter School?

A Charter School is a tuition-free public school that works independently of the school district. Charter Schools are responsible for meeting State Standards and administering all State assessments, but they have greater autonomy and choice in how they design their programs, who they hire, and how their budget works. This allows a Charter School to focus on a particular vision and to be more responsive to the needs of its individual students.

In order to have permission to operate, Charter Schools must submit extensive design plans to their overseeing Board of Education every five years. These design plans, called a Charter, explain the philosophy and core beliefs, curricula and programs, and operations and budget of the Charter School.

Leadership’s Charter was reviewed and recommended by the San Francisco Unified School District staff and unanimously approved by the SFUSD Board of Education.

For Leadership’s most recent Charter, approved in 2012, click here.