Leadership has built a strong Advisory program to make sure that all of our students are known well and supported to succeed. Students are assigned to an Advisory class and an Advisor when they enter the school. The group of students in the class and the Advisor work together throughout the four years of high school. Advisory class meets three times each week 90 minutes, earns full course credits and is graded.

Advisory supports students to meet the unique expectations of Leadership’s program and to grow as healthy, self-sufficient, and empowered young adults. In all four years, Advisors teach lessons around our School-Wide Outcomes of Personal Responsibility, Social Responsibility, Critical Thinking, and Communication. At the ninth and tenth grade levels, Advisors teach their Advisees the habits of successful students and provide essential health education. In the upper grades, much of Advisory is focused on preparing students for life after high school, including the college application process.

Through Advisory, students also build their skills as leaders. They take part in community projects and, each year, exhibit their learning to answer these essential questions:

  • 9th grade: How can I best lead in my life?
  • 10th grade: How can I best lead in my family?
  • 11th grade: How can I best lead in my community?
  • 12th grade: How can I best lead?

» Advisory Course Outcome Outline

Over time, Advisory becomes students’ home away from home. Advisors serve as advocates for their advisees and work to build meaningful, lasting relationships with advisees and their families.