Alumni Voice – Pauline Ovalle

Posted on Jun 2, 2016

Leadership High School has a special place in my heart. My successful performance at the University of California, Davis is a product of the outstanding teachers and my advisor that throughout my four years believed that I could be the first in my family to graduate from a university. Leadership High School has equipped me with the communication, personal responsibility, social responsibility, and critical thinking skills to also rank top two in my Army ROTC program. The Army ROTC program requirements are: waking up at 0800 three times a week, attending quarterly leadership development exercises, enrolling in two classes quarterly, and completing summer training. Every single year, I have been able to meet these requirements because of the foundation that Leadership High School has given me.  I graduate next year from UC Davis with an International Relations major and as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S Army.  I am grateful for my Leadership family.

Pauline Ovalle

Class of 2012

Leadership High School