Leadership Students show their Griffin Pride by participation in and support of Leadership Athletics.

For Young Women:

  • Varsity Volleyball (Fall)
  • Varsity Basketball (Winter): 2006-2007 League 2nd Place, 2007-2008 League 2nd Place
  • Varsity Soccer (Spring)

For Young Men:

  • Varsity Soccer (Fall): 2006-2007 League 2nd Place, 2005-2006 League Champions
  • Varsity Basketball (Winter): 2005-2006 League Champions, 2006-2007 League 2nd Place; 2007-2008 League 2nd Place; 2008-2009 League 2nd Place
  • Varsity Baseball (Spring): 2006-2007 League Champions

For current and upcoming game schedules, go to